Lotus Wonders


Lotus Wonders is a Canadian company founded by women, for women.

We are inspired and committed to invest in women by creating sustainable livelihoods for the wonderful women in Cambodia.  We hire skilled artisans at above fair-trade wages to create eye-popping, beautifully handcrafted accessories for sophisticated consumers in western markets who appreciate the concept of social enterprise. 


Lotus Wonders is About ….

Unique Style   Our handcrafted products feature bold patterns and vibrant colours that stand out from the crowd. 

Highest Quality   Every Lotus Wonders product is exquisitely hand tailored by Cambodian women using the finest fabrics.

Investing in Women   We are passionate about investing in women and their communities.

Community Development   Lotus Wonders pays above fair wages AND we contribute an additional 20% of those wages to community development through our unique “WonderFund”. 


When you purchase a Lotus Wonders product, you take us one step further towards our vision:  Women’s economic empowerment, 

One Village At A Time.


Welcome to our movement!