What We Do2

Lotus Wonders was started by our Founder, Mehrak Mehrvar, after more than 10 years working in Cambodia as a women’s
rights advocate with major international development agencies. She learned firsthand how hundreds of thousands of women have
lost their livelihoods and their ability to provide for their families because of land evictions.

We know that if we raise the economic well-being of women, their families and communities will be lifted up with them.
As part of the Lotus Wonders’ business model, we will employ the women displaced because of land evictions, and enhance
their long-term economic prospects by providing them with a sustainable, more-than-fair wage, and the other
benefits that come with economic empowerment, and we will enhance their communities through our Wonder Fund.

Our vision is to rally individuals into a movement that links the skilled artisans in Cambodia with western markets -
consumers like you who want unique and beautifully made accessories, and who appreciate the concept of social enterprise.
And we want to extend this vision from our first village of women, to the next village, and the next village, and the next village -
expanding it ONE VILLAGE AT A TIME.

Welcome to the movement to invest in these Cambodian women
and their communities. When you purchase a Lotus Wonders product,
your purchase takes us one step further towards our goal:
Women's Economic Empowerment in the villages in Cambodia.