We are thrilled to Welcome Leila.F.Sadri as Lotus Wonders CEO!

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Leila Sadri, graduated with a Master degree in Architecture in 2002 at the University of Art in Isfahan, Iran, located next to the Grand Bazaar in the UNESCO-recognized historic centre of Isfahan, where she found her deep and passionate love to handcrafted art.
She spent more than ten years working with two well-known Architecture and Planning firms in Tehran.  Excelling in roles as a designer, project manager and planner on many projects, from small residential buildings to comprehensive city plans, she rose to become a management representative and partner for seven years, focusing on strategy planning and running quality management systems in the work place.
 Leila became involved in Lotus Wonders after moving to Toronto and meeting Lotus Wonders founder MehrakMehrvar.  She immediately became captivated by the beautiful designs and the mission to provide livelihoods to women in Cambodia and wanted to know more.  Following this new passion, Leila visited the Lotus Wonders training workshop in Cambodia in 2014 and subsequently joined the Lotus Wonders team as CEO in 2015.


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